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Publisher FAQs

General Questions

  1. What is Native Video Advertising?

    Buzzoola seamlessly integrates social video ads into your content so placements look native. There is absolutely no cannibalization of existing ad formats. We place videos in standalone units across relevant sections of the web site. Native video ads do not compete with pre-rolls and video banners, they usually are fun creative digital content tailored to the likes of the Internet audience. All of our ads are user-initiated; users must click the play button to launch the video.

  2. How is Native different from Pre Roll?

    Native placements are intended to match the look and feel of the site so it doesn’t disrupt user experience on the site. Native placements are viewed when users intend to view them, by clicking the play button vs. pre-rolls that typically auto play before content is displayed. Native placements should be labeled as sponsored content to make it clear to an end user that it is an ad placement.

  3. How can I join Buzzoola?

    Please sign up  here

  4. What do I need to do in order to qualify to participate as a Publisher within Buzzoola’s private exchange?

    Please visit our publisher sign up page, located here

    We will review your property within 2 business days. We are interested in brand-safe, professionally written content across all verticals. Professional blogs are welcome too.

  5. My site currently does not support video. Can I still integrate with Buzzoola?

    Yes, our code can integrate seamlessly so you can still receive our native video ads.

  6. I represent a site, or network of sites — who can I contact to get started?

    Please send an email to and we will answer within two (2) business days.

Integration Questions

  1. Where can I get ad code?

    When logged into the publisher dashboard, please select the ‘my sites’ tab and you can pull the code

  2. What type of video tags are available?

    VAST & VPAID are available for in-flash objects (i.e., flash games, social network, apps, and video players)

    JavaScript code is available for non-flash websites

    Embed Code is available for blogs

  3. Can Buzzoola recommend an integration format for my site(s) to maximize my revenue?

    Yes, please send us a note at

    We are happy to share some ideas, experiences, and best practices

  4. Can I customize the size of the placement(s)?

    Yes, however we do have minimum size requirements: 350px is the minimum width and 197px is the minimum height.

  5. How do I know if a new campaign is available?

    By default, emails will be sent notifying you when new campaigns are available for your inventory. If you wish to have these notifications disabled please contact your account manager or email us at

  6. Do you offer auto-play and/or pre-roll ads?

    No, Buzzoola only offers click to play, user initiated ads

  7. I already use a player on my website. Can I still integrate with Buzzoola?


  8. What if I see an ad I don’t like running on my site?

    Please log into your publisher account and pause the creative(s)

Payment Questions

  1. How do I make money with Buzzoola? What do I get paid for?

    Publishers earn revenue when videos are viewed on your site(s). A billable view may be a click, or it may require a minimum view time. If you have further questions please contact your account manager or send a note to

  2. What payment options are available?

    Direct Deposit (ACH), Check, PayPal, Wire

Reporting Questions

  1. What information is available to me within the publisher dashboard?

    Upon registering, you will gain access to our publisher dashboard. At that time you can log in to view stats in real time.

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