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Compliance and Business Ethics

Buzzoola complies with Russian and international legal standards and strives to meet the highest standards of ethical business conduct.

We maintain our compliance system up-to-date and develop it to prevent and promptly respond to any risks and challenges the Company may face, including regulatory requirements, third-party misconduct, and potential Company errors.

The Company's decisions regarding employees, contractors, and partners are based on a commitment to the principles outlined in the Buzzoola Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, with each individual being personally accountable for their actions.

Adhering to principles of ethical business conduct enhances the personal professional reputation of Buzzoola's employees and the reputation of our Company. This serves as a foundation for long-term and productive relationships with our partners and contractors.

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

This is the foundational document that outlines the internal corporate behavior norms and the rules for Buzzoola employees' interactions with clients, business partners, government bodies, and external audiences. The code is mandatory for all Buzzoola employees, regardless of their position.

Anti-Corruption Legislation Compliance Policy and Conflict of Interest Management Policy

To ensure Buzzoola compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws, and to identify, assess, analyze, and minimize corruption risks within the Company, a compliance system is established. An Anti-Corruption Legislation Compliance Policy and a Conflict of Interest Management Policy have been approved, which all Buzzoola employees must follow.

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