RU Launch Campaign
Uniting the biggest platforms of CIS with most creative & modern ads
Push your content to the limit of views or clicks
Promote your goods & services with a handy help of native ads
Easily attract the target audience to your mobile apps & sites
Our Ad Formats
Native video
Static banners are not relevant anymore. The best way to improve your brand awareness — to show the audience a specially prepared video just in the right place. This approach shall create a really high viral wave of involvement for sure. The popularity expressed in likes & shares, created be quality, not quantity.
A few words about how it works:
  • Our multi-format player is placed in a separate ad unit located within content of original site or social network.
  • Your video creative could be faceted in beautiful yet functional interactive environment of your choice.
  • The viewer must press «Play» button to initiate video — there are no autoplays and false views, respectively. He our she could easily share the ad content via Facebook, different blogs, or even Twitter.
Engage Roll
This is a new and decent way to show autoplay ads without causing any irritation to the user. The Engage Roll fires immediately after scroll of the page and stops when fading from FOV. Also, there is no sound without additional action of user: he or she should press an appropriate button or hover the cursor over the player.
  • Engage Roll works well on both desktop & mobile devices
  • Best suited for short videos (less than 40 seconds)
  • CPM & CPV price models with guaranteed involvement
mobile formats
Forget about static, heavy and boring advertising which is not adapted for current mobile era. We have loads of new and specially served formats (like carousel, inline videos and more) at your disposal. Stay tuned, more information to come!
Tune your ad campaign as you like. Audience will be pleased anyway
Precise geo targeting
Only unique viewers through the entire campaign
Vast topic and social targeting options: gender, age, interests, and so
Set a precise duration of the campaign: date, days, even hours
Need a specific device to target? Checked!
Unique prediction technology which shows ads to the right audience without a miss. Observe the campaign in real time, gain full control over stats.
Premium platforms
Video placement in the premium editorial content will attract maximum positive attention.

More than 30 million reach

Active and wealthy audience

Russia, CIS and more

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